Terms and conditions


By purchasing any of our vehicles, you are in agreement with the terms and conditions outlined on our website. We therefore advise that all terms and conditions are read thoroughly before making a decision to purchase your next vehicle from us.


1. We allow mechanical vehicle inspections from the RAC and the AA only.

2. We do ask for identification from anyone wishing to inspect a vehicle.

3. In the event that a buyer would like to have a vehicle inspected either by the AA or RAC we do make an exception to allowing a vehicle to be ‘held without sale’. There is a charge for this which is £75. In this case we will hold the car without sale for a maximum duration of 5 working days. Depending on the outcome of the inspection this charge is deducted from the sale of the vehicle if the customer goes on to purchase it, but it is not refundable if the sale does not proceed. It is a charge for downtime of advertising, and holding the vehicle until inspection is completed.

4. We make every effort to make it stress free for you to inspect our vehicles so please use this opportunity wisely. We try to keep our adverts factual and un-opinionated. Our staff are advised not to be for or against a sale meaning they won’t encourage or discourage you to buy from us.

5. All opinions of a vehicle must be made by the buyer themselves, if you contact us and ask for an opinion of a vehicle you will be asked to make a booking and visit our site and view each vehicle yourself. We will usually upload multiple photo’s of each vehicle advertised. As all vehicles are used, we encourage that you visit our site to judge the condition of the vehicle for yourself.

6. Viewing of vehicles is available at any point during our opening hours with prior booking. All vehicles can also be purchased within these hours. Customers may secure any vehicle instantly with a £99 deposit on our website, therefore we strongly advise checking stock availability before making your journey. If you have booked a viewing with us and not secured the car with a £99 deposit, it is still available for anyone to buy.

7. When we explain or describe our vehicles over the phone including condition, service history/paperwork, there could be errors made with descriptions, therefore final opinions should be made by the buyer themselves upon viewing.

8. Storage – We reserve the right to make a reasonable daily charge for the storage of the customer’s vehicle or vehicles, if the vehicle is left with us and not collected when advised to do so.

9. All deposits are non-refundable. Upon receiving a deposit we only hold the car for four days after which a daily charge £65 will be applied

10. If you’re not happy with the car once it’s been delivered to you, we will refund the price of the car. However, the delivery cost will not be refunded and we will charge a fixed admin fee of £149 to cover the time spent completing the initial sale.

11. If a vehicle is being returned by the customer for a refund or repairs, it is the customer’s responsibility to return the car to our address at their cost.

12. If we do accept a return vehicle, no matter what the circumstances, reasonable charges will apply and will be deducted from your final refund. If you have given us a vehicle in part exchange, this will not be returned to you when we refund you for the vehicle you purchased from us.

13. We will charge 0.52p per mile for every mile travelled since the vehicle left our place until it has been returned to us.

14. If the vehicle was delivered to you when you purchased it. We will deduct any delivery charge from the total amount being refunded to you.

15. There will be a flat admin charge of £149 upon the return of any vehicle. This is to cover staff time, time doing test drives and time processing car paperwork with the DVLA and necessary departments.

16. Please understand that it is your responsibility to return the vehicle to the us, the sellers, in the event that you require a statutory repair or wish to exercise your statutory right to reject. This is also the case if the car has broken down and needs to be recovered to our dealership. It is your responsibility to cover the cost of transporting your vehicle to us for repairs or refunds.

17. We will not reimburse you for any money spent on the car during the period of your ownership and possession. Only work that we have authorised will be paid for by us. We will not refund you for any money spent on improvements to the vehicle either.

18. We pride ourselves in the high level of customer service we offer. We will not tolerate abuse or aggressive behaviour towards any of our staff members. We take this very seriously and offenders will be reported to the police.

19. We deal with many third party service providers, i.e, tyre fitters, mechanics, mot testers, diagnostics technicians and so on. We will not take responsibility for any work carried out on our stock vehicles by any third party mechanics, mot stations or repair garages. If it was not us that conducted the work, we should not be held responsible for it.

20. If it transpires that a vehicle that we have sold to you has developed a fault, we have the right to investigate whether or not this fault has occurred as a direct result of negligence by you, the customer. If it comes to light that the vehicle we sold to you was driven in a manner that would cause damage to the vehicle, driven without the correct fluid levels or driven after warning lights or engine management lights appeared on the dashboard prompting the driver to stop, we will hold the refund until the cause is established. Reasonable deductions will be made from the total refund amount if negligence is evident.

21. In any case if a refund is due to you, you will normally receive this within 7 to 14 days.

22. Home delivery, detailed and comprehensive video calls are available before we delivery any car to our customers. If you change your mind once the car has been delivered we will charge you the full cost of delivery plus £149 admin fee, so please be sure before buying.

23. The warranty we provide does not cover any wear and tear or consumable items, i.e, clutches, exhaust systems, dpf matters, electronic issues, windows, brake pads, discs, wipers, tyres etc.

24. We conduct pre-delivery inspection reports on all of our cars to ensure that they are fit for purpose and safe at the time of sale. We will use these reports if it transpires that our customers are in dispute about this after purchasing any of our stock vehicles.

25. All of our part exchange clearance vehicles are offered for sale without any warranty whatsoever. These part exchange clearance vehicles are priced extremely below auction trade price guides and are normally heavily discounted because it is not cost effective for us to prepare these vehicles to our normal higher standards. This is normally due to the age and mileage of these vehicles. Sometimes we sell these vehicles for less than half the recommended retail price. You will be invoiced as spares or repairs for all of our part exchange clearance vehicles and it is your responsibility to get them home safely. We do not guarantee that the mileage on these vehicles is correct either.